SweetMaple Caf
Breakfast Menu Closes at 2:00 P.M.
Spring and Summer Breakfast Menu

*ValleyLogger Choiceof apple wood smoked bacon, maple sausage or black forest ham, servedwith 2 eggs, home fries, 2 pancakes (buttermilk or whole wheat) and 2french toast (challah or whole wheat) 9.95

BreakfastBurrito Sautedmaple sausage, onion, red bell pepper, jalapeno, scallions, tossedinto a 3 egg scramble topped off with Vermont cheddar and rolled upinto your favorite tortilla wrap served with sour cream and freshmade salsa 7.95 (Wrapchoices: white, wheat, spinach, garlic herb, sundried tomato)

VeggieScrambleSauted onion, green bell pepper, Maine ripe vine tomatoestossed into a 3 egg scrambled topped off with Vermont cheddar andserved with choice of wheat or white homemade toast 6.95

QuicheLoraine Alight and fluffy crust less egg and cream mixture of apple woodsmoked bacon, onion, and swiss cheese.Served with homemade wheat orwhite toast 5.95

ToastedEnglish w/Blueberries and Bacon Served w/ a side of 2oz. NH Pure Syrup 4.75

Bagelw/Leeks & Swiss Cheese Sauted leeks, scallions and parsley placed on a fresh toasted bagelof your choice topped off with swiss cheese 4.95

Pancakes (Single pancakesyou have a choice of buttermilk or whole wheat) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

1Pancake 1.752 Pancakes 3.503 Pancakes5.25

(Ourgingerbread and fruit pancakes are served 3 pancakes to a plate.These specialty pancakes areserved with a side of butter and NH pure maple syrup) 5.95

MaineWild BlueberryBanana WalnutStrawberry SweetMaple GingerbreadChocolate Chip
FrenchToast (Singlefrench toast you have a choice of homemade challah or whole wheat)

1French Toast 2.752 French Toasts 3.953 French Toasts5.95

(Ourspecialty french toast is served 2-3 slices per plate, with a side ofbutter and NH pure maple syrup) 5.95 SweetMaple Pumpkin (2) Cinnamon Raisin (3) Spiced French Toast w/berries (3)

Breakfast Menu Closes at 2:00 P.M.

Pricesdo not include the NH Meal Tax

BuildYour Own Omelet (3egg omelet served w/wheat or white toast and home fries 4.95plus)_________________________________________________________________________________________________________

AddCheese .75Add Meat 1.25Add Vegy .50

CheddarApple Wood Smoked BaconGreen Bell Pepper

MozzarellaBlack Forest HamRed Bell Pepper

SwissMaple SausageSweet Onion

VineRipened Tomato

Fresh Baby Spinach


*1Egg w/no toast 1.25*1 Egg w/toast 2.75

*2Eggs w/toast 3.75*3 Eggs w/toast 4.75

BreakfastSandwiches (Eggsandwiches have a choice of fresh baked croissant, biscuit, orenglish muffin)

GingerbreadPancake Breakfast Sandwich Adelicious egg, ham and cheddar sandwich 5.95

BlackForest Ham& Vermont Cheddar Cheese Croissant w/ sliced hard egg 4.95 Egg & Cheese Sandwich 3.50Egg, Cheese and Bacon Sandwich 4.25Egg, Cheese and Ham Sandwich 4.75Bagel w/cream cheese or peanut butter 2.0


Pineappleand Kiwi Salad w/mint & lime 4.95Bowl ofSweet Maple Granola 3.95Yogurt Parfait w/granola & berries 3.75Grandy Oats Organic Oatmeal 3.50Apple Wood Bacon or Maple Sausage 1.99Home Fries small 1.75 large 3.50Black Forest Ham Steak 2.50Corn Beef Hash 3.50NH Pure Maple Syrup 2oz. 1.25 

2.00 Plate charge forsharing any meal.

Consumingraw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs mayincrease the risk of food borne illness.
(Allsandwiches, paninis and wraps are served with your choice of kettlechips or our daily fresh house salad)

RoastTurkey w/Avocado & Sprouts Ovengold roasted turkey, sliced avocado, alfalfa sprouts, honey mustard,served on our homemade fresh baked wheat bread 8.95

RoastBeef w/ Boursin & Arugula sliced red onion on our homemade fresh baked sourdough bread 9.95

ChickenSalad Croissant Ourrecipe includes white breast meat, granny smith apples, red grapes,celery, red onion, toasted walnuts, mayonnaise and dry herbs. Servedon a light and fluffy croissant 9.95

BlackForest Ham and Havarti Greenleaf lettuce, vine ripened tomato, alfalfa sprouts and cranberrymustard served on a soft ciabatta roll 8.95

LazyLobster Croissant Premiumtail, knuckle and claw meat smothered in warm butter and served on alight and fluffy toasted croissant 14.95

ColdCrisp Summertime Veggie Thisfull of flavor sandwich is a vegetarian favorite.Piled high withleaf lettuce, tomato, sweet onion, cucumber, avocado, alfalfa sproutsand Vermont cheddar served on pumpernickel rye bread 6.95


RusticGrilled Cheese Vermontcheddar cheese, apple wood smoked bacon, vine ripened tomato, honeymustard served on our home made fresh baked three cheese bread 7.95

SmokedChicken & Mozzarella Smokedchicken breast, fresh basil leaves, vine ripened tomato, thinlysliced red onion, mozzarella, chipotle mayonnaise served on ourhomemade fresh baked rosemary and olive focaccia bread 8.95

SirloinSteak and Cheddar Searedtop sirloin steak with sauted caramelized red onion, Vermontcheddar, and lightly spread of horseradish sauce served on a softciabatta roll 9.95

SmokehouseTurkey and Bacon Smokedwhite turkey breast, apple wood smoked bacon, Vermont cheddar,lightly spread of sun dried tomato mustard, served on our homemadefresh baked three cheese bread 9.95

BlackPastrami and Swiss Sautedred bell pepper and thinly sliced red onion with black forest ham.Served on our homemade fresh baked sourdough bread with sundriedtomato mustard. 9.95

VeggieMelt Openfaced with cream cheese, vine ripened tomato, cucumber sweet onion,avocado, alfalfa sprouts, and melted mozzarella served on our toastedhomemade fresh baked wheat bread 7.95

_______________________________________________WrapIt Up_________________________________

(Choiceof white, wheat, spinach, garlic herb, or sundried driedtomato)

ChickenFajita Smokedchicken breast with sauted sweet onion, green and red bell pepper,vine ripened tomato, sweet corn, black beans, fresh cilantro servedon your favorite wrap. Sour cream and fresh salsa served on the side 9.95

BL T Avocado and Chipotle Mayo Applewood smoked bacon, green leaf lettuce and vine ripened tomato andsliced avocado with chipotle mayonnaise. Served on your favorite wrap 6.95

AlbacoreTuna Salad Mayonnaise,Vermont cheddar, leaf lettuce, tomato, and cucumbers 7.95

GrilledVegetable Fajita Sautedonion, green & red bell pepper, tomato, sweet corn, black beans,fresh cilantro and mozzarella cheese served on your favorite wrap.Sour cream & fresh salsa served on the side 6.95

(Entiremenu can be substituted for Gluten Free options of Bread, corn muffinor crustini)

(2.00charge for sharing any meal) Pricesdo not include the NH Meal Tax

_____________________________HandTossed Salads____________________________

(Servedwith a crustini)

ChickenCaesar Salad Whitebreast, romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, garlic croutons tossed withdressing 9.95

WarmSpinach Salad Freshbaby spinach, roasted beets, artichokes, red onions hand tossed andserved with our warm house vinaigrette dressing and topped off withgoatcheese 7.95

BlueArugula Salad Crisp baby arugula,blue cheese, pears, toasted walnuts, tossed with our housevinaigrette 9.95

Fruitand Nut Salad Leaflettuce tossed with a mixture of dried fruit & nuts and tossedwith our house vinaigrette 7.95

SearedSirloin Steak Salad Crispromaine lettuce, baby spinach, red onion, naval orange, large garliccroutons tossed with a poppy seed dressing 9.95

FreshStrawberry Salad Greenleaf lettuce, strawberries, sliced toasted almonds tossed with ourhouse strawberry vinaigrette dressing topped off with goat cheese 7.95

OvenRoasted Beet Salad Greenleaf lettuce, baby spinach, oven roasted beets, toasted walnutstossed with our house vinaigrette dressing and topped off withcrumbled goat cheese 7.95

GardenVegetable Salad Greenleaf lettuce, vine ripe tomato, crisp cucumber and red onion servedwith a side of dressing (dressingchoices are ranch, caesar, poppy seed, or house vinaigrette) 5.95

_____________________________________Soupsof the Day____________________________________

(Soupis served with a corn muffin)

Cupof Soup or House Salad 3.95 eachBowl of Soup orHouse Salad 5.95 each

Monday - Coconut Curry Chicken Soup / Fresh Broccoli Salad

Tuesday – Garden Vegetable Soup / Tortellini Salad

Wednesday – Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup / Best Bean Salad

Thursday – Cream of Broccoli Soup / Fresh Corn and Rice Salad

Friday – Haddock Chowder / Mexican Bean Salad

_________________________________________ LiteFare ___________________________________

Sandwich and Cup of Soup 6.95

Cupof Soup and Salad (servedwith corn muffin) 6.95

Sandwich and Salad 6.95

LiteFare Sandwich ChoicesLite Fare Salad Choices

ColdCrisp Summertime Veggie SandwichRoasted Beet Salad

RoastTurkey Avocado SandwichFruit and Nut Salad

BlackForest Ham and Havarti SandwichFresh Strawberry Salad

RusticGrilled Cheese PaniniGarden Vegetable Salad

SmokehouseTurkey and Bacon PaniniHouse Salad of the Day

(Entiremenu can be substituted for Homemade Gluten Free White or MultigrainBread)(2.00 charge forsharing any meal)